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Published on June 20th, 2012 | by Harel Shattenstein


Some Stuff That Rose Above The Surface

It was a very long time since I have sat down to right a blog post, I guess few years went by, but let’s put it beyond and get to the point, the new Microsoft Surface.

Trying to think what is Microsoft aiming with the announcement of the Microsoft Surface I came across the following 3 points:

  • Marketing- Microsoft is launching the Windows with the most radical changes it made in years (and yes it goes beyond Windows XP), leaving kernels, speed, processes, in the end Microsoft wants consumers to fall in love with the new UI and the concept, because unlike the Windows XP, consumers have a wide verity of options, Apple called it the Post-PC era, let’s call it the Post -Traditional Computers era.
  • Google Way- Microsoft, due to the big bet it puts on the Windows 8, wants it to be a hit, in a sense of the stuff it does with the Windows Phone, wants to make a Windows Phone device? no problem! first meet our requirements.
    On the “Non-Mobile” arena it will not tell HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba how to make the Windows 8 based PC’s, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, it will just light up a beacon like Google does with it Nexus devices
  • Apple Way- It will be a profound change the company did, and it will start to make hardware, and I do not mean to keyboard and mouses, neither Zune (Microsoft attempt in the music industry), nor Xbox (the successful gaming machine).
    It is the first time Microsoft build a PC, sorry, tablet by itself.

In a nutshell, if you have watch Microsoft Surface you probably had a deja vu, if so take a look at this video

So that is was my take, what do you think is the reason Microsoft has announced the Surface?

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