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Published on July 1st, 2012 | by Harel Shattenstein


OEMs Fatigue?

Now that Google I/O 2012 is over we can sum up what that have been said and shown and things that were not (Like John Biggs argues “Google’s TV Strategy Is Doomed“).
I would say that Google I/O 2012 was mostly about Google’s ambition to create a well based content store (anyone said iTunes?) with a large user base.
Yes, there was Jelly Bean, with Project Butter that will hopefully make Android device lag less and get stuck less often, Google Now or Google answer to Siri, and some welcome improvements.

Next was the Nexus Q, some kind of an patriotic act, as the device is made and build in the US (all the parts?)
And there was Project Glass, sorry, as for the moment I am not wearing glasses, I am not thinking on wearing any soon, more profound, I think is the term of “wearable computers”.
I would like that the my watch I am wearing already will be smarter, and so goes on, I do not like to wear something that I do not need (In my case glasses).

Then I watched Joshua Topolsky interview with Matias Duarte Android’s head of user experience, and I finally understood something, OS makers are “frustrated”.

Joshua : “Why you gyus had to do it?”
Matias : “We do Nexus products because we want to push the entire eco-system…Nexus 7 was born out frustration actually, tablets needed to be revolutionary for entertainment”

Or in other words the Android team is fed up of OEMs trying to mimic the iPad, sounds familiar? that’s maybe the same reason Microsoft announced the Surface, and HP response was not late to come.

I think we will see OEMs carefully choose the OS they are working with, moreover we may see some OEMs that will look for other options, like the tale of HP and WebOS

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