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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Harel Shattenstein


Bigger, Smarter, Faster And?

As usually predictions regarding the mobile trends of 2013 were introduced, it’s can be easily inferred that on one thing all tech reports, research companies, and other agree, 2013 will be the year (another year?) when our mobile devices will become bigger, smarter, and faster.

Full HD screens will be integrated in the top-notch smartphones devices, LG is on to it, Sony is offically in the game and HTC already announced one back in 2012, the HTC J Butterfly, so will Samsung and others.

Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia Z

Next up are of course the CPUs and GPUs manufacturers, Nvidia with its Tegra sequel, the Tegra 4 chip, Quallcom with its Snapdragon series, and Intel getting more aggressive trying to break into the market.


tegra-4-wayne-leaked-specs-slide-640×353 (Photo credit: Stratageme.com)

and last, wider support of high speed LTE networks, “Gigabit Wi-fi” and more.

So rather than running applications faster and watching Full HD video clips on our mobile devices, how will it be leveraged? which place will the mobile devices take in the eco-system?
Yesterday, the opening shot when the open sourced OS, Ubuntu announced its mobile OS, and shared it vision of mobile devices as PCs.

For me the real question that need to be asked is how will those enormous capabilities of the new mobile devices will be exploit, beyond the obvious eveloution.


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